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This "everything is racism" stuff is going crazy. Many people I know online use their birth year in their usernames. But I had a online friend born in 1988, and turns out 88 is also apparently a Nazi thing for some reason. So he was constantly getting hounded as a Nazi the last few years, until finally I lost contact with him when he couldn't handle it anymore. I'll always miss you GasDahJ3WZ88... on No way buddy (Upvotes: 134)
This isn't because of relativity. This is because cameras operate by basically "scanning" from top to bottom pixel by pixel. Because most cameras now also do video its usually a rate divisible by 30 frames per second which is the base refresh rate for color TV. Assuming this isn't just faked, what happened was the top was captured just before the frame changed, and the new frame was drawn by the TV by the time it got there. This effect is easiest to see by pausing a video of driving a car down the road and looking at a tree, light pole, sign etc that is straight up and down in real life. You'll notice it starts straight and curves at the bottom, directly proportional to the frame rate, so 30fps will curve double the amount 60fps will curve double the amount 120fps etc until your vertical capture frame rate is higher than it would take to overcome the speed of the vehicle horizontally. Then it would just look straight again. on kciR elkciP (Upvotes: 66)
All men are trash. All women are trash. Trash is tasty. No I am not 6 raccoons in a trench coat, what a silly thing to ask... on Simp (Upvotes: 64)
@DrSin, I'll have you know this is not extortion, it's long due justice for a tragic victim of powerful predators! Unless its against my preferred candidate, in which case this is nothing but an ugly smear designed to drum up a fat payday from the opponents camp for ruthlessly harassing a perfectly innocent person! on 1 (Upvotes: 64)
@theduuuude, believe all women was a left wing movement associated with the very early me too movement. It was the theory that because rape was such a heinous crime letting one rapist go free was worse than the possible false imprisonment of any innocent men. It gained steam at the same time as me-too as a political tool against the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and has now been discarded and is being attacked since the right is now saying "you picked your own rules" against Joe Biden on who am I supposed to believe now!?! (Upvotes: 63)

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