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Police are a necessary evil in my opinion. We need them because we don't know how to respect each other. But show me an officer who is not subject to the human condition. Pride, fear, adrenaline, anger, boredom, honor, fellowship, just to name a few. These elements of the human condition are very applicable to an officers' everyday shift. And with such things being considered, these individuals are the ones who in charge of protecting our given rights to which is cherished so deeply. Yes, they are trained but how hard is it really to become an officer? When we consider the fact that society is granting the power (never forget) for these individuals to use deadly force at their discretion we have to ask ourselves,"to what extent are we willing to let these people act upon their own volition to protect the citizens of this nation?" In my opinion friends, I say no leash is too tight considering the balance of freedom and oppression is in account. on Funnyism Picture (Upvotes: 14)

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