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With how easily those fell with that bump I’m not sure this is OSHA compliant. I’ve never worked in a factory/warehouse before though so maybe someone with experience can tell me if I’m wrong. Either way, that guy lucky af he ran away in time. Yeesh. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 20)
You are stealing - right to jail. You are playing music too loud - right to jail, right away. Driving too fast - jail. Slow - jail. You are charging too high prices for sweaters, glasses - you right to jail. You undercook fish? Believe it or not, jail. You overcook chicken, also jail. Undercook, overcook. on 1 (Upvotes: 16)
@Codeine, that... doesn’t make sense. If an inch is 4.5 jelly beans does that mean when we measure an inch we’re actually using the jelly bean system? My thumb pad is about an inch does that mean my ruler has marks according to the thumb system? Maybe we should say my cat’s length equals .18 cows and call it the cow system. If I measure something using the US customary system and define it with something else that doesn’t mean it is something else. I have to stop typing now my .18th of a cow is making bread with my belly and this time she has her claws involved. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 13)
You know Zapp, once I thought you were a big pompous buffoon. Then I realised that inside, you were just a pitiful child. But now I realise that outside that child is a big pompous buffoon! ^Replace Zapp with Bezos and it still works. on Blue Origin (Upvotes: 9)
I was visiting my family in MD and saw a Marty at their local Martin’s. The workers put giant googly-eyes and a face mask on him. He was still useless but at least he was funny to look at. on Picturism Funny (Upvotes: 8)

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