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Ah the face of disappointment when you pop early. Good times... on DIY Stress Ball (Upvotes: 8)
@AGreasedMonkey, I thought battlefield games did it okay with shotguns and their choke attachments. Like Mr Jojo said, it's for balance and intended play style. If you run a shotgun you're going to be closer to your target giving you that one shot kill capability. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 2)
@T9x, just go to my website, all you have to do is add an "s" to the end of my name! That was pointed out by some dude when I was playing Overwatch on licko (Upvotes: 2)
He looks like the new guy at the office who is told to do the most obscure job while everyone else is just laughing. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 2)
That doesn't make any sense. Who walks into a bank, waits in line for an average of 10 minutes, gets to the teller and THEN asks if this is a bank? And if you're there to rob it, shouldn't you know it is a bank? on Ouch (Upvotes: 1)

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