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Well folks, here's your update: I have found out who my yandere stalked is. She's this quiet, nerdy girl in all my classes, named Sophia. I caught her on video, sneaking into my room... FROM THE HALLWAY. After showing this to the police, I was informed that she was apparently entering thru the fire escape in my stepdad's office. She is now in a psychiatric hospital. Hallelujah on Are ya ready kids? (Upvotes: 104)
Officially creeped out.... I recieved a note in my locker yesterday. It reads: Roses are red Like the blood on my shoe If you don't love me, Then your room will be, too. I watch you at night I know you so well I stole your black hoodie 'Cause I like how it smells I love you so much Whether awake or asleep I love when you laugh I hurt when you weep I saw you get hit By your stepdad last night I can change that for you And make everything right I saw that bitch Carry Reject you at school When she shot you down She was the real fool But it'll all be okay It'll work out, you'll see Because no matter what You will always have me Along with this were some pictures of the inside of my room. Most of them focused on my sleeping body. I called the police, and they said it was probably just a prank, and this doesn't happen, usually. They said if I get any "real" proof, I could see them again. FML. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 133)
This reminds me! I got a LOVELY letter from my yandere stalker (if anyone remembers me talking about her a few months back), about how much she misses me, and how she knows I miss her too, and how she can't wait til we can "be together again." (her words. NOT mine.) FML on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 55)
i jumped out of a tree in my backyard onto my trampoline (as suggested by my stepsister's fiance) in september. when i landed, my knees shot straight up to my chin, and i spat blood and pieces of teeth all over the trampoline. deciding not to be a snitch, i stumbled up the stairs, walked over to my mother like a drunk, and told her i had fallen onto my fist. ashe believed me, because I am very tall and rather well-built, and therefore VERY clumsy. i then threw up and passed out in my blood and vomit. six of teeth were chipped... on Jumping on a frozen trampoline (Upvotes: 45)
Hey! I am 17 and I have never had a gf before... I finally grew a pair and asked out my crush tonight. We are now going to lunch and the mall tomorrow! I know this may not be important to any of you, but it's q special thing for me. I just wanted to share this moment with all of you! on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 33)

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