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@murder sans, GASP!!! on Lol (Upvotes: 20)
Is it weird that I really liked this? on Dat chopped suey (Upvotes: 12)
@Invalid User, With almost 170 “genders” you read that right, it’s pretty freaking obvious that its a bunch of genders studies poindexters trying to out do each other for bragging rights as to who cam coin the most obscure way of describing their choice of genitals they want to touch. on Trans problems (Upvotes: 8)
@Invalid User, have you considered the LG-BLT community? They accept everyone, well, except for Jews, Muslims and, vegans. Nobody likes vegans. on Trans problems (Upvotes: 7)
@Pastor Damian, According to the Bible, what they heard wasn’t the clear voice of God but rather, the thunderous booms of God. They were terrified that Moses was dead because it looked terrifying as well. During period of weakness, someone decided to make the calf image to worship. Think about how long that took to do! I actually think they brought it along from Egypt since the Egyptians gave them massive amounts of riches when they left. I also believe it was a power grab using the calf god to try and sway people. on Moses did it first (Upvotes: 7)

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