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@Medic135, My hero on Gif (Upvotes: 35)
I had an ex that had multiple one night stands at Disney World almost every other night after we broke up because it was apparently easy there when you work there. It sucked honestly because this was someone I genuinely loved at one point but she turned into someone so completely different after breaking up with me. After a year or so she had told me everything she had done when we stopped talking and I didn't feel okay for a while because of it. I actually started to cry when she told me about a three way she had done. I don't know if this was information intended to hurt me but since she felt like its been over a year maybe I've gotten over her? I guess she was wrong but I wasn't going to let her know that. Been nearly 3 years since she told me all of this and I've got a new girlfriend now. I'd like to think I dodged a bullet when it all happened but man it hurt like hell going through that experience and I wish no one would through the loneliness and sadness I went through. on lol (Upvotes: 25)
@PoliticsSniper, Biggest plot twist in all world history on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 25)
@Wuss Poppin Jimbo, I'm sure if I said putas to my mom I would've been smacked so hard I would have been decapitated. on Sums it up (Upvotes: 23)
@TheKen42, Still funny because he fully deserves it on seriously guys we need to do something. (Upvotes: 22)

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