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At first I thought there was a casual toilet outside of three other stalls on I Need Those (Upvotes: 42)
@Anikan Skydancer, I get that you're just stating your opinion, which is obviously fine, but many people (me included) are a perfectly healthy weight and have "thigh gaps" anyway. So it kind of bugs me when people make it sound like a crime to have one on Can we go back to this (Upvotes: 2)
@Like A BossSirBeast, more like TØP COMMENT amirite???? (Icon thing? No?) on Incest. He means incest. (Upvotes: 2)
If you guys didn't know, this is the same girl from the gif of someone eating chips on Inward ass (Upvotes: 1)
Coming from a very flat girl (it's tragic), I feel the most comfortable with myself when I wear push-up bras. I was wondering if it's better to wear them (as opposed to regular bras) with low cut shirts for the look even though it's deceiving. Opinions? on pushups (Upvotes: 1)

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