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Didn’t happen for 500 please on creepy (Upvotes: 123)
In middle school we did this in the back of the class to my buddy and we all sat down completely silent and waited for the teacher to show up. But when she walked in she had her head down trying to hold back the tears rolling down her face. She stood in front of the class and informed us her father had just died. Once she was able to get it together she slowly looked up at us and sees my buddy duct taped to the wall wide eyed. We had no idea what to do. She then bursts out laughing to the point she couldn't even stand and thanked us for making her horrible day a little better. One of my favorite memories as a kid. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 111)
@Duranu, thank you for that spoiler alert on GTA cheat (Upvotes: 43)
Amazing how cool everyone kept it during this 7.0 earthquake on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 38)
Wait.. so our rights are for everyone? Not just my personal gain?? on Yep (Upvotes: 36)

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