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@StuckPixel, I'm gonna take this opportunity to drop a big thank you on behalf of, I hope, all of us here in the comments section. Some of us give you guys a lot shjt for whatever reason, whether in joking or serious critism, but it's your app that has bred such a great, if flawed community, and it's the pictures you upload, whether reposts or otherwise that allow us to all interact, and I appreciate you all so much for it. Again, thank you. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 85)
Congratulations, you effectively swindled a free meal and all it cost was your dignity! on Freefood (Upvotes: 73)
8 ball, corner pocket. on Nice catch (Upvotes: 70)
Can somebody tell me what is that Thing? on boop pp (Upvotes: 58)
@Steveman05, Then you'll be extra saddened to know Opportunity hummed Daisy Daisy to herself as she uploaded her last photo to earth: her own shadow on a bleak Martian landscape. The preprogrammed final transmission read: "My batteries are low and it's getting dark." on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 58)

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