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Meanwhile at valve on Not sure why 3 is missing (Upvotes: 187)
360 nose-scope on shooting a arrow (Upvotes: 67)
The most-believed theory is that the sun and moon are actually much smaller than the earth, and they spin in a circle above the earth, rather than around it. I guess if your entire belief is scientifically wrong, there's nothing stopping you from adding even more wrong crap. on Checkmate (Upvotes: 65)
One day he comes back and asks if he can trap a dragon in my keep with that crappy trap we built way back, there's no way I'd normally allow someone to literally force a giant fire breathing lizard to be trapped in the same building as my family but this man is a god walking among men so I can't refuse him for fear he'll destroy my city for fun. What do you know he actually traps the dragon, but then he immediately releases it again, and just when I thought it couldn't get weirder, he climbs on its back and says he's headed off to sovngarde? I hope that's where he stays because if I have to manage this guy's antics for one more minute I'm gonna resign. on I've seen some things, traveller (Upvotes: 63)
I feel like "it's ok to hit women like we hit men because equality" isn't really a good ideal. We should never advocate for violence in any way at all, so the better thing to say is "don't hit women but don't hit men either". Don't hit women, don't hit men, don't hit anybody really. However if it's a situation like "woman is attacking me" or "woman is committing crime against me/family" then it becomes a gender-irrelevant self defence action, naturally. on Nobody plays Xbox 360 (Upvotes: 61)

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