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Meanwhile at valve on Not sure why 3 is missing (Upvotes: 193)
Always spit out your gum before eating a girl out on can i pay in advance (Upvotes: 168)
360 nose-scope on shooting a arrow (Upvotes: 69)
The most-believed theory is that the sun and moon are actually much smaller than the earth, and they spin in a circle above the earth, rather than around it. I guess if your entire belief is scientifically wrong, there's nothing stopping you from adding even more wrong crap. on Checkmate (Upvotes: 66)
One day he comes back and asks if he can trap a dragon in my keep with that crappy trap we built way back, there's no way I'd normally allow someone to literally force a giant fire breathing lizard to be trapped in the same building as my family but this man is a god walking among men so I can't refuse him for fear he'll destroy my city for fun. What do you know he actually traps the dragon, but then he immediately releases it again, and just when I thought it couldn't get weirder, he climbs on its back and says he's headed off to sovngarde? I hope that's where he stays because if I have to manage this guy's antics for one more minute I'm gonna resign. on I've seen some things, traveller (Upvotes: 65)

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